PLC Technician
Simulation Software

The simulation software, PLCLogix 5000 is designed to emulate the Rockwell (Allen Bradley) 5000 series of PLCs. This simulation software includes approximately 250 pre-built lab projects; including 50 lab projects presented in 10 “real world” 3D PLC application environments. One of the main advantages of using PLCLogix is that it provides much-needed “hands on” experience in the operation of RSLogix and ControlLogix software and hardware.

PLCLogix 5000 allows you to create a ladder logic programs, see the program’s operation using a simulator and control the operation of the program from within this interactive environment. It replaces the PLC ladder rung editor and all the electrical components that have, until now, been required to learn PLC programming and operation.

Using PLCLogix 5000, the student is able to gain much-needed programming practice by creating and running their own ladder logic programs using tag-based memory. PLCLogix 5000 functionality includes a graphical controller organizer and a point-and-click method of configuring various I/O. The application organization is based on using tasks, programs, and routine structures. In addition, it features sophisticated data handling and incorporates both arrays and user-defined structures to provide maximum flexibility and emulation of “real world” 3D PLC applications. PLCLogix 5000 also includes a free-form ladder logic editor that allows you to modify multiple rungs of logic at the same time. The point-and-click graphical interface provides a simple, realistic method of entering and editing ladder logic programs.

The PLCLogix 5000 simulator includes;

The PLCLogix  5000 simulator incorporates a “Tag” based addressing system employed by 5000 series Control Logix controllers. The Tag Editor and Tag monitor interfaces allow for program variables, instruction elements as well as physical I/O to be not only edited and monitored as required by real world applications but also to be grouped and organized as desired, using tags and aliases. The integration of the ladder logic programs with the 3DWorlds provides a unique opportunity for programming in real-time and observing the operation of complex control devices and systems.

PLCLogix 5000 features 10 “real world” 3D PLC application environments including batch processing, elevators, traffic lights, car washes, etc.  These interactive animations graphically simulate process control operations in the following applications: Batch Mixing, Bottling Line, Dual-Compressor, Elevator, Moving Car Wash, Silo, Single-Compressor, Stationary Car Wash, Traffic Lights and Warehouse Door.  

PLCLogix 5000 includes four channel analog input and output modules allowing for simulation of a wide range of analog applications. The user can define both range and scale for each of the four special purpose channels associated with the input and output modules provided.