Introduction to Wind Turbines

This module offers a broad introduction to wind energy and the engineering principles underlying the operation of wind turbines. It covers the main components in the nacelle and yaw system and references the average lifespan of wind turbine components. In addition, this module describes the four types of wind turbines and outlines the most popular blade configurations. It will also introduce the student to the principles of simulation software and its application in wind turbines and wind farms. The theoretical and practical aspects of rated capacity and efficiency are also presented along with the methodology to calculate power generation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon Completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between a windmill and a wind turbine
  • List the three main components in a nacelle
  • Indicate the average lifespan of wind turbine components
  • Describe the most popular blade configuration for wind turbines
  • Name three components in a yaw system
  • Differentiate between a PLC and SCADA system
  • Define the term electromagnetic induction
  • Explain the function of a drip loop in the tower
  • Name two types of brakes in a wind turbine
  • List the four types of wind turbines
  • Use rated capacity and efficiency to calculate power generation
  • Describe the need for simulation software in wind turbines
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