Mechanical & Hydraulic Systems

This module will provide a detailed understanding of hydraulic principles  along with the different types of hydraulic fluids and their features. In addition, this module also covers the components of hydraulic systems and their filters, pumps, piping, reservoirs, accumulators, hoses, control valves, and other essential mechanisms. An introduction to hydraulic power is presented as well as the five subsystems used in wind turbines. A detailed overview of wind turbine mechanical systems is also provided, including the gears and gearing mechanisms in large wind turbine drivetrains.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Define the term drivetrain
  • Differentiate between axial, radial and centrifugal fans
  • Explain the operation of a hydraulic rotary joint
  • Describe the operation of a heat exchanger
  • List the three types of gears in a wind turbine drivetrain
  • Explain the purpose of a planetary gearing system
  • Name the three main classes of spur gears
  • Describe the operation of a three-stage gearbox
  • List the five components in a typical fluid power system
  • Explain how control valves perform blade pitch manipulation 
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