Object Detection

This module includes the study of both analog and digital sensors, including mechanical switches, temperature sensors, proximity detectors, strain gages and photoelectric sensors.  Displacement, pressure, and flow transducers are presented with an emphasis on practical applications and safe operation of these devices. This module also covers encoders and resolvers, as well as Hall effect devices and capacitive and ultrasonic sensors.  An introduction to object identification is also presented using practical and theoretical examples of industrial applications of this technology.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this module the student will be able to:

  • Describe the goal of a robot sensory system
  • Differentiate between a sensor and an actuator
  • List three applications for force/torque sensors
  • Identify seven types of mechanical switches
  • Describe five parameters measured with transducers
  • Explain the principle of the Seebeck effect
  • List four types of proximity sensors
  • Determine the flow rate of a fluid
  • Differentiate between pressure and flow transducers
  • Calculate the gage factor of a strain gage transducer
  • Name two types of photoelectric devices
  • Compare resolvers and encoders
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