Payload, Repeatability & Accuracy

This module covers payload, accuracy, repeatability and resolution in modern industrial robotics.  The student will learn to apply compliance parameters to determine overall performance and explain the various factors affecting the accuracy of a robot.  The module also covers position error and describes common calibration techniques used in robot installation and maintenance.  In addition to the basics of kinematic coupling, the module also presents standard performance characteristics noted in ISO9283. The principles of spatial resolution and compliance are discussed with an emphasis on practical applications and troubleshooting techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this module the student will be able to:

  • Name the four characteristics of precision robot movement
  • Define the term spatial resolution
  • Differentiate between repeatability and accuracy
  • List the three factors affecting the accuracy of a robot
  • Determine the maximum payload of a robot
  • Describe the four sources of position error
  • Calculate robot accuracy based on BRU and mechanical accuracy
  • Explain how compliance affects maximum payload
  • List 10 performance characteristics identified in ISO9283
  • Define robot calibration
  • Discuss the advantages of kinematic coupling
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